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TrustPeers is an Incident Response technology company. It develops an innovative Cyber Crisis Management platform that saves organizations in real time, by allowing them to prepare for attacks and take control over cyber emergencies.

Our proprietary crisis management SaaS platform is based on a unique PPRP (Planning, Practice, Response, Post) methodology that revolutionizes existing Incident Response (IR) solutions by handling the entire incident lifecycle.

TrustPeers' unique, leading approach to IR sets a new industry standard on a global scale and changes the traditional paradigm to ensure best response in times of crisis. Developing a full-cycle IR-centric solution, TrustPeers turns cyber crisis management into an event that can be swiftly managed, mitigated and audited.

Our On-demand multi war-room platform enables companies to gain control over the crisis, from the planning phase to post-incident findings and conclusions. The PPRP methodology is designed to prepare for worst-case, real life scenarios, to ensure business continuity and enforce the needed measures. TrustPeers platform provides focus and tools to resolve the crisis efficiently, all within a single comprehensive, constantly up-to-date interface.

Using TrustPeers results in cost reduction of emergency measures, accelerated time-to-resolution, and minimal damage in case of a cyber-attack.

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7 Derech Habsamim, Ganei Tikva, Israel
US: 1 (347) 892-4935
Israel: +972 58-529-0400
For general inquiries please contact: contact@trustpeers.com
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