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How to Wage Cyber-Battle on Multiple Fronts?

This report is one amongst many that convey the same general idea, as consensus about the rising level of cyber-threat is spreading across all cyber-related industries.

Author: TrustPeers team| 10 minutes read | September 09, 2021

Unauthorized Access Mitigation Crucial Steps

CISO are typically tasked with securing identity and data.

When your organization's network is accessed without authorization, it indicates a potential attack that allows attackers to access your organization's networks, data, applications, endpoints, or devices for nefarious purposes.
Acting quickly can make the difference between a small incident and a catastrophic breach. However, to act quickly, it's critical to be prepared and know what to do.
Crucial steps include both technical and collaboration with non-technical departments.
TrustPeers' Dynamic Playbooks and Table Top Exercises prepare your IR and management teams to respond in optimal time and with maximum efficiency from detection to resolution.

Download this incident response playbooks presentation that delineates five steps any IR team should keep in mind from the moment unauthorized access is detected.


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TrustPeers is an Incident Response technology company. It develops an innovative Cyber Crisis Management platform that saves organizations in real time, by allowing them to prepare for attacks and take control over cyber emergencies.

Our proprietary crisis management SaaS platform is based on a unique PPRP (Planning, Practice, Response, Post) methodology that revolutionizes existing Incident Response (IR) solutions by handling the entire incident lifecycle.

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